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Bed Bug Battalion Battle Plans

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Introducing the Bed Bug Baker!

This innovative system offers portable, affordable heat eradication of bed bugs, and is based on the University of Florida Heat Chamber.

The Bed Bug Baker works on a simple principle: No bed bugs are resistant to heat.

The system is designed with an inner and outer, flame retardant tent. The Bed Bug Baker system can be used in buildings with fire sprinkler systems.



The Traveler


The Lodger


The King: 10' x 10' x 5'

Inside View Outside 



5'x5'x5'. This convenient system can hold six medium suitcases, individual chairs, household items or a dozen child sized backpacks. It folds up to easily fit in storage areas, and is great for touring companies or for bed & breakfast facilities! 7.5’ x 7.5’ x 7’ high: The perfect tent for hotels, department stores, and university dormitories. For hotels, PREVENT INTRODUCTION OF BED BUGS AT CHECK-IN BY HEATING THE GUESTS’ LUGGAGE! Could be new income source. Department stores can heat up returned items to prevent bed bug infestations! University dormitories can set up heating stations. When students discover bed bugs in their belongings, the items can be heated to terminate the insects. New revenue source for pest management companies. Establish on-site heating service for luggage, furniture, etc. Join the Bed Bug Battalion Heating Network. Inner tent & Outer tent (made with flame-retardant cloth)

The largest model, The King is designed to heat a king size bed. It can also remediate a living room full of furniture with two sets of mattresses and box springs on top. Fits in a 12'x12' room.


Hospitals, Hotels and Travelers BEWARE: Bed bugs can travel with you! Read more about this discreet solution here:

Hospitals: Hospital Flyer

Hotels/Travelers: Travelers Flyer



The Bed Bug Baker was designed by chemical engineer Elizabeth (Lizbe) Knote, and has been tested by the University of Florida's Department of Entemology in Gainsville, FL.


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Make appointment for furniture and household goods.

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